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InterTown Record is published weekly by Bog Mountain Publishing, LLC. In service to Andover, Bradford, Croydon, Danbury, Grantham, Newbury, Newport, New London, Springfield, Sunapee, Sutton, Warner and Wilmot.

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Annette Vogel, publisher, graphic designer, general manager;

Sasha Wolfe, editor; community calendar

Minette Sweeney, lead reporter;

Diane Rosewood, advertising representative;

Kirsten Kraushaar, Robert Ofenloch, proofreaders

John D. Schleich, Brad Kraushaar, Scott B. Capron, distribution


Contributing Writers & Photographers:

Larry Chase     Sherry Thomas Chomitz     Dayahna     Kimberley Brown Edelmann

Paul Howe     Barbara Mills Lassonde   Dick Katz   Kirsten Kraushaar   Jeff Miller

Christine Nelson     Susan Nye     Phyllis Tilson Piotrow     John Raby     Maureen Rosen

Peter St. James     Minette Sweeney     Patricia Trader     John Willse     Daniel H. Wolf


Neighborhood Correspondents:

Susan Chase, Andover     Sasha Wolfe, Bradford

Patricia Beasley, Grantham     Dianne Chadwick, New London

Judy LaPorte, Newbury     Ann St. Martin Stout, Newport

Pixie Hill, Springfield     Deb Champagne, Sunapee

Judy Lowe, Sutton     Kathy Carson, Warner

Patricia Trader, Wilmot


Member of:

New England Newspaper & Press Association

Bradford Business Association

Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce